Role - UI/UX Designer
Tools used -
Sneakin' is my personal UX Project. The main goals of this project are to understand how users behave on an e-commerce website and what features/aspects they like and do not like.
1. Increase the conversion rates (get the users to complete the process).
2. Make a seamless registration and checkout process so that the user completes the process.
Competitive analysis
Meet the users
Name- Richard
Age- 24
Occupation- Engineer
Richard is a IT engineer for a multinational IT services firm. He loves shopping and especially is a big sneaker buff. But being a busy person he finds it hard to find the time to find, research and get to buy the perfect pair of sneakers.
Name- Jennifer
Age- 24
Occupation- UX Designer
Jennifer is a UX Designer at a design studio. She buys shoes approximately once every six months but does research on which pair to buy. And heads to a website with clear intension with a particular product in mind.
Research synthesis
Affinity mapping
Since this was an individual project, the population for this project was not more than 5-10 participants. I was able to get the key points for affinity mapping after conducting user interviews and understanding their process.
HMW Statements
After understanding the users' perspective, I was able understand and formulate the key pain points through-out the whole process and form the "How might we" statements.
Information architecture
Site map
Creating a site map was an important step for this project. Through this site map we can understand how the user would navigate through the website.
User flow
Creating a user flow is one of the most crucial steps in a UX project. It determines how the user would complete a process and what step will they follow.
Low Fidelity Wireframes
I created the Low fidelity wireframes in XD. I was able to create a rough idea of how I wanted to design the website keeping in mind the goals of the project.
Prototype screenshots
How it helps
Challenge 1-  To increase the conversion rates it is very important that we understand what exactly is that the user chose to visit our website. In this case to buy a product they like. So I tried to create a seamless experience for the user by creating appropriate menus, categories and various brand pages so that the user finds the product that they want very easily.
Challenge 2- Now after interviewing potential users I came to understand that a major chunk of the users wanted a seamless checkout process. So to solve this problem I created a checkout process confined to a single page which in turn makes it seem like it's not a lengthy process, also I gave a progress bar beside so that the user knows how many steps have been completed and how many are remaining. Also I created a guest check- out to make the process even faster.
Style guide
High Fidelity mockups
Working on this project get me trying new things and experimenting new features and methods in the whole UX Design process. There are certainly more things that I want to try to understand and perfect. Surely I will get more opportunities to try them out in upcoming projects.