Role - UI/UX Designer
Tools used -
As a part of the springboard curriculum projects, Savr is a individual project by me. The main goal of this project is to create a seamless experience for the user of a recipe application.
1. Make the recipes easy to find for the client.
2. Make the actual process of preparing for the process easy and clearly understandable with the help of various methods.
Competitive analysis
Meet the users
Name- Trevor
Age- 24
Occupation- Youtuber
Trevor is a youtuber. He lives alone and likes to cook often. Not having enough experience he turns to various applications for instructions and like to try new recipes.
Name- Monica
Age- 29
Occupation- Engineer
Monica is an engineer with a multinational firm and orders take-out food often. But she like to cook on the weekends etc. She likes to try new recipes which are simple and easy to understand.
Information architecture
User flow
Creating a user flow is one of the most crucial steps in a UX project. It determines how the user would complete a process and what step will they follow.
Low Fidelity Wireframes
I created the Low fidelity wireframes in XD. I was able to create a rough idea of how I wanted to design the website keeping in mind the goals of the project.
Prototype screenshots
How it helps
Challenge 1-  The first challenge to make the users find the recipes that they want, I added the trending and recent recipes as well as the recipes liked by the user.
Challenge 2- After the interviews with potential users, I came to understand that the users needed a completely new way, so I included not only a video format a text with GIF format also. Because in the interviews some participants inclined towards video while some towards following step by step instructions.
Style guide
High Fidelity mockups
Working on this project get me trying new things and experimenting new features and methods in the whole UX Design process. There are certainly more things that I want to try to understand and perfect. Surely I will get more opportunities to try them out in upcoming projects.