Role - UI/UX Designer
Tools used -
As a part of the springboard curriculum projects, Save it up! is a individual project by me. The main goals of this project are to help users manage their cashflow in an efficient manner and give them proper analysis of the cashflow.
1. Help users add the data in a hassle free   and simple process.
2. Help users set proper monetary savings   goals and keep them reminded of the same.
Competitive analysis
Meet the users
Name- Michael
Age- 24
Occupation- Designer
Michael is an UX Designer at a design agency. Between his hectic schedule he finds it hard to keep track of his income and his expenses. He also forgets his upcoming payments due to his work.
Name- Jennifer
Age- 26
Occupation- Trader
Monica is a stock market trader in India. She handles multiple accounts and sometimes it get complicated for her to manage the cashflow of those accounts. She also plans her monthly income through applications.
Research synthesis
Affinity mapping
Since this was an individual project, the population for this project was not more than 5-10 participants. I was able to get the key points for affinity mapping after conducting user interviews and understanding their process.
HMW Statements
After understanding the users' perspective, I was able understand and formulate the key pain points through-out the whole process and form the "How might we" statements.
Information architecture
Site map
Creating a site map was an important step for this project. Through this site map we can understand how the user would navigate through the application.
User flow
Creating a user flow is one of the most crucial steps in a UX project. It determines how the user would complete a process and what step will they follow.
Low Fidelity Wireframes
I created the Low fidelity wireframes in XD. I was able to create a rough idea of how I wanted to design the website keeping in mind the goals of the project.
Prototype screenshots
How it helps
Challenge 1- To keep this process very simple and understandable was quite challenging. There are hundreds of applications out there with the same goal and use. But through proper user research(interviews, testing etc)  I was able to find the perfect solution for this problem.
Challenge 2- While conducting the initial interviews and researching, I came to understand that if people wanted to buy something or invest in something, they faced a lot of problems because they could not properly plan how to save for their goal and how to keep track of the progress. So for this I designed and tested this feature to help the users set their goals and to keep them reminded of the same.
Style guide
High Fidelity mockups
Working on this project get me trying new things and experimenting new features and methods in the whole UX Design process. There are certainly more things that I want to try to understand and perfect. Surely I will get more opportunities to try them out in upcoming projects.